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Unusually addicting gadget toy!

It is proven that fidgeting improves productivity and the way we think. Most of us fidget one way or another. May it be the clicking of the pen when we think or squeezing on a stress ball when we are under pressure.

We have the perfect gadget for all your fidgeting needs. This Stress Relief Fidget cube has the answer for all your fidgeting needs. This pocket size cube has 6 sides which has a different function on each.

  • Click - Satisfy your inner clicker with 5 clickable buttons on this side of the fidget cube.
  • Flip - Flick this switch gently, back and forth if you're looking to fidget quickly and quietly
  • Spin - Take this circular dial for a spin and satisfy that circular fidget.
  • Roll - A ball bearing and 3 gears, roll to your heart's content and fidget away.
  • Glide - A mini joystick designed for satisfying glides.
  • Breathe - Say bye bye to stress. Inspired by the worry stone, rub the fidget cube.

Comes in three different colours.