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Simtoo Dragonfly GPS Drone - GPS Return to Home and Follow Me function

The Simtoo Dragonfly is an affordable GPS Drone with with advance features found on drones 3 to 4 times its price. The drone folds into a compact size and fits in a carry case for easy transport. It has built in GPS functionality that allows return to home function at a press of a button.

It incorporates a 3 axis Gimbal with a 4K High Definition Camera that allows you to record super stable HD video recording. With a wide variaety of modes such as Hover, Follow Me, Point of Interest and Panoramic shot functions, you are are able to take amazing aerial shots and photography.

The HD Video is transmitted directly to your smartphone up to 300m in range. The compact elegant remote control has a maximum Drone control distance up to 1KM. 

A powerful GPS watch is supplied which offers a variety of controls. The Simtoo GPS UAV Drone will follow the GPS watch and constantly make adjustment to ensure that the camera is pointed at the direction of the GPS watch at all times. It also doubles as a powerful watch controller for the Simtoo Drone. The miniature joystick and watch buttons allows you to control the drone without the use of the bulky hand controller.