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Summer is just around the corner. Equip yourself with this portable Instant Inflatable Air Lounger and be able to chill and relax anywhere and whenever. 

This instant air lounger is very easy to inflate; simply unroll and straighten and open the Air Lounger wide with both hands and swing it side to side like a spanish matador to catch the free air. Once there is sufficient air in the Air Lounger, quickly roll the opening until it is nice and tight and clip on the locking buckles and chill and relax in style and sueprior comfort.

This inflatable Air Lounger is made from a lighweight but super tough nylon material. Use it anywhere on any surface; grass, sand, carpet, pavements etc and is also waterproof. Supplied with a carry bag from the same material for portability.

Color: BLACK 


Not recommended for use in water. This is not a floatation device or toy.