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Send 4K HDMI Video Signal up to 70m via Cat 6

This HDMI Extender can send Ultra High Definition 4K Audio Video signals over cat5e/cat6 extending your HDMI signal over long distances to a compatible display. It is designed to convert HDMI signal to standard HDBaseT signal and transmit by Cat 5 or 6 ethernet cable. It also supports Transfer Bidirectional Infrared control signal together with the HDMI signal, so you can control the Source/display from the output/display side up to 70 meters away.


  • One pair as a full functional module, no need for setting.
  • POE (Power Over Ethernet) function support, either TX or RX powered 12V@2.5A,another device will no need power form the DC jack. POE Power Consumption less than 10W.
  • Use single UTP LAN cable (CAT-5E/6) to substitute HDMI cable to achieve long distance transmission.
  • UTP cable termination follows the standard of IEEE-568B.
  • Transmission distance:70 meters: 1080P @60Hz36bit; 3D1080P@30Hz36bit;40 meters: 1080P @60Hz@48bit; 1080P @120Hz@24bit; 3D1080P@60Hz@36bit;4K x 2K@30Hz@24bit.
  • HDMI V1.4 supported.
  • HDCP compliant.
  • Full HD support: 1080p@60Hz@48 bit/pixels, 1080p@120Hz@24 bit/pixels, 3D 1080P60Hz and 4K x 2K@30Hz@24bit
  • Transfer Bidirectional Infrared control signal together with the HDMI signal.

Transmission distance:

  • 70 metres: 1080p at 60Hz 36bit; 3D 1080p at 30Hz 36bit;
  • 40 metres: 1080p at 60Hz 48bit; 1080p at 120Hz 24bit; 3D 1080p at 60Hz 36bit; 4K x 2K@30Hz@24bit