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The world's first compact intelligent drone that fits in your pocket!


The world's most advanced pocket selfie drone. All the features of a full size drone, in the palm of your hand: 4K photo, 1080P stabilised video, auto take off/landing, return to home, object tracking, and computer vision.


  • By using digital image stabilisation technology, Dobby can remove any unwanted shake and capture stabilised footage.
  • Allows for single-shot, burst shots and timed photos with white balance and EV adjustments.
  • Advanced shooting methods including Object tracking, facial tracking and orbit.
  • 13 Million Pixels Sensor
  • 4K Image acquisition
  • 1080P Full HD digital video


  • The user friendly design makes DOBBY easy and fun to use.
  • Single button take-off/landing, voice command, you can also choose between phone motion contorl, swipe control, sticker control and button control.
  • The compact body and slick design makes it a true pocket flying camera.
  • Folded up: L135mm*W67mm*H36.8mms
  • Extended: L135mm*W145mm*H36.8mm
  • Weight (including battery): 199g


    • Equiped with FOLLOW SNAP 2.0 technology, Dobby can follow a moving object or person by selecting on the Do.Fun APP.
  • Facial Recognition
    • Facial Recognition can scan and remember the facial features quickly and locks onto that person.
  • Orbit
    • The orbit function allows Dobby to circle an object or person whilst filming.


  • Dobby is able to hover accurately both indoors and outdoors
  • While indoor, a dedicated downward facing camera and Sonar Sensor make sure Dobby is hovering in the same position and height.
  • While outdoor, Dobby uses GPS and GLONASS dual outdoor positioning system for precise hovering and return to home.
  • Assisted GPS function for lighting fast outdoor postion acquisition(Data charges may occur from your carrier)
  • Can withstand wind speeds up to 28 km/h


  • Photos are automaticlly synchronised to your phone's photo album whilst viewing them.
  • Videos can be downloaded into the phone via WIFI or transfered to computer by USB Cable.


  • 2.4GHz/5GHz Dual band Wi-Fi link
  • Only 160ms latency in the live video transmition straight to the phone APP
  • The video link has up to 200 metres range


  • Brand: ZEROTECH
  • Model: DOBBY
  • Quantity: 1 Piece
  • Color: White


  • Length (Excluding propellers): Extended: L135mm×W145mm×H36.8mm Folded up: L135mm×W67mm×H36.8mm
  • Maximum Usage Height (meters above sea level): 3000m
  • Flight Duration: 9mins (At 0m above sea level)
  • Operating Temperature: 0-40 degrees
  • Positioning Systems: Outdoor:GPS/GLONASS Dual band Indoor:Optical flow & Ultrasonic wave(illuminance>15 lux)
  • Maximum Height Using GPS: According to your country`s regulations
  • Controlling Distance: up to 200m (Tested with iPhone 6 Plus with 2.4Ghz wifi, in an open area with no obstructions)
  • Maximum Height Using Optical Flow: 3m
  • Hovering Accuracy: Vertical/Horizontal: +/- 0.3 metres(During normal operation with optical flow positioning);+/- 1.0 meters(Outdoors)


  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processer
  • Quad-Core 2.3Ghz
  • 2G RAM
  • 16GB internal EMMC storage
  • Adreno330 GPU
  • Hexagon Digital Signal Processor
  • 8000hz Sampling rate


  • Dual Band Wi-Fi: 2.4GHz frequency; 5GHz frequency
  • Emissive Power: EIRP 2.4G: 19 dBm; EIRP 5G:25 dBm


  • Image Sensor: 1/3.06 Inch; CMOS; 13MP
  • Lens: FOV75;28mm (35mm Format equivalent); f/2.2; Infinity focus
  • Camera`s Pitch Limit: -90-22.5 degrees manual adjustment
  • Highest Photo Resolution: 4208x3120
  • Photo Shooting Mod: Single shot;Timer;Burst shot:2~15 Photo
  • Filmshooting Mode: 10s Auto-track short video shooting; 1080P Full HD video shooting
  • IOS Range: 100 ~ 3200
  • EV Range: - 12;- 8;- 4;0;4;8;12
  • Timed Shots: 3s/5s/10s/20s
  • Video Resolution: RAW: 1080p@30fps; with image stabilization: 1080p@30fps
  • Storage Format: JPG/MP4 (MPEG-4 AVC / H.264)
  • Storage Capacity: 16G
  • USB Port Type: Micro-USB port


  • Capacity: 970mAh
  • Energy Rating: 7.37Wh
  • Nominal Voltage: 7.6V
  • Battery Type: LiPo 2S
  • Operating Temperature Range (charge): 0-45 degrees
  • Operating Temperature Range (discharge): 0-45 degrees
  • Charge Voltage Limit: 8.7V


  • Port Type on Charging Dock: Type-C
  • Voltage: 9V
  • Rated Power: 15W
  • App Name: Do.Fun
  • Real Time Image Transmission: 640x480@30fps;320×240@30fps
  • Delay: 160ms(Depends on the environment and mobile device used)
  • Required Mobile Systems: Android 4.3 and above; iOS 8.0 and above


  • 1 x Zerotech Dobby Pocket Selfie Drone
  • 1 x 2S 970mAh Battery
  • 1 x Charging cradle
  • 1 x Type C USB Cable
  • 1 x USB Type C to Mirco USB adapter
  • 1 x Power adapter (QC2.0 standard)
  • 1 x English Manual

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