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A must have for the pet lovers!

Leaving your beloved pet at home, to go to work, holiday or simply to go out of the house can be a difficult thing to do. With this Wi-Fi Pet Feeder, you no longer need to worry. You can feed your pet their favourite treats manually or programmed automatically at their pre-determined feeding time via the APP. This Wi-Fi Pet feeder can measure the exact amount of food that can be dispensed manually or automatically via the APP. Great for portion control to ensure that your pet receives the amount of food during their meal time.

You are also able to view your beautiful pet in High definition video through the built-in 720p camera. Also incorporates a microphone and speaker so you can communicate and hear your pet.

Go to work or even holidays without having to worry about your pet. No more expensive pet hotels and having to ask your relatives to look after your lovely pets. Look after and take care of your pets from anywhere in the world.